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What is a QR Code?

By August 10, 2011December 1st, 2020Blog, Marketing

And when should they be used?

They look like this (see thumbnail to the left), I’m sure you’ve seen them, they are popping up everywhere. QR stands for Quick Response. They are used to direct an audience to a URL by being scanned with a smart phone app such as QR Code Reader, zappit, kaywa, etc (there are many).

This is one example of how it can be used- a reader comes across your ad in a magazine and he or she sees this barcode, he takes his smart phone out of his pocket, opens the QR code reader app, holds his smart phone up to the barcode and the smart phone then launches the URL that’s encoded in the image. Now, your print advertisement is somewhat trackable if you use a custom URL.
Pretty cool, right? They are somewhat of a sore thumb but can be tucked nicely into the bottom of an ad.

Add them to other mediums, such as: flyers, posters, and/or invites and it can take viewers directly to a webpage containing: Product details, Contact details, Offer details, Event details, Competition details, A coupon, Social Media pages, A link to a YouTube video, the list goes on, you get the idea.

I’m actually starting to see them on business cards as well to store contact information, not sure I’m on that bandwagon yet, but who knows I could change my mind. Add some rounded corners and a little reflection, it might not be so ugly. I kid, I kid.


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