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The Life Expectancy of Flash…

By June 15, 2011December 1st, 2020Blog, Industry Rants and Raves

Or is flash already dead?

Only a couple of years ago, I called myself a flash developer, and now it rarely surfaces during my elevator speech. Flash is no longer useful, nor practical, in the regular website. There are too many security flaws, it takes up too much bandwidth, in today’s world of internet browsing, let’s face it, it’s all about speed and SEO. None of which Flash effectively offers. AND most importantly it takes too long to develop. I can deliver an image banner or slideshow in html/css/jquery in a fraction of the time, and it’s compatible on virtually any web browsing device.

However, I am not of the opinion that Flash is dead. It just doesn’t have the same stage it once occupied (pun intended). Flash can and should still be used; it’s a commanding animation tool. Sites that require a lot of user interaction can still benefit from its power.

Flash is to websites as what bell bottoms are to fashion. What was once hip and cool becomes seemingly ridiculous, but strutted correctly and appropriately- can still be super sexy.

I’m not trashing my copy of Flash, just like I wouldn’t goodwill my bell bottoms. I never know when I might get invited to a 70’s themed costume party.


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