good clients = good people

There’s nothing I love more than a good client. It makes me remember how much I love my job.

So what makes up a good client? Equal parts acquiescence and attentiveness, with a dash of assertiveness. Acquiescence to know the difference between thinking you are an expert and knowing you are NOT an expert. Good clients know how to offer up good suggestions but also know that not all suggestions are good suggestions. Attentiveness because it’s important to pay attention, and apathy never inspires anyone. And we can’t forget the dash of assertiveness. A good client knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like, and is not afraid to vocalize it and/or ask questions. Decisiveness equals efficiency.
It’s a recipe for success.

Timeliness is another key element. Attention to deadlines is very important, especially if those deadlines have dollar signs in front of them. The client who pays on time, plays on time. A good client will understand the effort and recognize the hard work.

Obviously there’s more to it and sometimes there are underlying factors that prohibit one from being a good client, but I try to always keep the above in mind when I find myself paying for a service.

I’ve had both good and bad clients, I’m quite lucky though, very few bad. It’s so important, as a business owner, to filter out the bad clients, do not ignore red flags. And let’s face it, some people just aren’t a good fit for each other. Bad clients are not worth it, no matter how desperate the times may be.

I’m in pursuit of a quiz- a good client quiz, maybe something you would find in a magazine. Turn to page 56 to find out if he/she is a good client. Has anyone seen one of these, taken one of these? Let me know.

If I can’t find one, I might just create one…